Liam L - Featured

Liam is becoming one of the most talked of names to rise from the new generation of choreographers.

After a solid career performing with some of the biggest international names in music, TV and fashion, he has propelled into the creative industry with strong force.

Liam's charming innocence and youthful insight to create is incomparable and has been far from unrecognised. By the age of 21 he had music videos, TV commercials, live corporate events, fashion shows and a Las Vegas show under his choreographic belt.

As time passes and experience grows, what Liam thought were his strengths have only become stronger... From staging Nicki Minaj, to working with 200 Italian Dance Volunteers; choreographing and conceptualising music videos, to putting models into place at Milan Fashion Week; choreographing pointe work, to movement direction in fashion film and print; his versatile talent to create is endless.

Internationally people are wanting to work with him, industry influences are taking him under their wing, and his current roster of clientele have all been satisfactorily consistent. His path as a respected creative professional is taking shape fast.